Urbo’s Future Vision – A Greener Future

December 22, 2017 - 4 minutes read

As you may already know, the name Urbo means urban mobility. We are an urban mobility company, not just a dockless bike sharing company. We see dockless bike sharing as the next step in a much bigger picture that is our future. Cities and towns around the globe are on the cusp of becoming smart cities. We are, undoubtably, at the most exciting period of change in the history of urban mobility, and Urbo will be at the forefront of this…

Looking towards the near future, there are a number of projects that come to mind. Alphabet’s “Sidewalks Labs” project in Toronto, or the middle eastern mega city planned to be 33 times bigger than Manhattan. These projects are all an incredible step in the direction of a sustainable, people-centric future.

Many cities and towns are also planning to ban fossil fuel emission vehicles from city centres by the year 2020, and without a doubt more will follow. We’re at a turning point. Methods of mobility have progressed dramatically over the last two centuries, however we then stagnated. With the introductions of these smart cities, electric cars, hyper loops and mobility sharing, that stagnation is well and truly over.

So how does Urbo fit into this future?

At Urbo, we explore every avenue when it comes to urban mobility. Two key elements we see as being at the fulcrum of smart transport are e-bikes and mobility as a service, or MaaS, systems.

Integrated MaaS

One thing we strive to provide and constantly build upon is an industry leading MaaS dashboard. This integrated dashboard works behind the scenes of our solution to ensure everything operates to the peak of it’s powers. With so many elements incorporated, this dashboard is incredible smart. So from tracking cycling route patterns to where our Urbo wardens are, everything is taken into account by our unique algorithm. The result being, to put it simply, maximum efficiency.

This efficiency can range from our Wardens response time in correcting issues, to how and when we redistribute our bikes. As more and more data is filtered through our dashboard, it becomes smarter and smarter – leading to even more efficiencies. Software updates and incorporation of new technologies also make the experience far more seamless for our data scientists, councils and the end users themselves.


E-bikes are, of course, a massive part of the future of urban mobility. There are now e-bikes that can run for up to 60km on a tank of water. BMW are in the process of developing a hyper loop for e-bikes. So it’s pretty clear everyone is taking them seriously. We ourselves, are in the process of developing an e-bike for our Urbo users in certain areas – although these bikes will not run on tanks of water as they’re far to clunky – and user experience is paramount!

Our e-bike development is well past it’s infancy stage and initial testing is yielding fantastic results. The bikes themselves will not look much different to our standard Urbo model, so you’ll barely notice the difference. What you will noticed is the effortless hill cycling and the ease in which you will complete your journeys. Although we have no launch date confirmed, watch this space…