Urbo See Open Collaboration Between Providers as the Way Forward for Dockless Bike Sharing

October 24, 2017 - 1 minute read

Asia has seen dockless bike sharing become a vocal point of urban mobility over the last number of years, where as dockless bike sharing is relatively new to Europe. Without a doubt, dockless bike sharing has been a success in Asia, although the model of numerous providers all competing, without regulation for market share, has shown to not be the most sustainable option. So how do we address this and ensure our model is suitable for European shores?

Urbo Dockless bike share london

Urbo Co-Founder Tom McGovern with Waltham Forest Councillor Clyde Loakes.


The answer itself is rather simple, yet the execution can be complex. Collaboration is at the fulcrum of all sustainable schemes. At Urbo, collaboration between councils, communities and local stakeholders is paramount to our systems. However, we must strive to allow this collaborative ethos to transcend the whole dockless bike sharing industry.


Dockless bike sharing providers must openly communicate in order to share learnings, codes of conduct, and identify major pitfalls. Of course there is healthy competition between all providers, but we are all obligated to ensure this competition does not hamper the overall goal of dockless bike sharing – enriching the lives of an urban populous.



It is crucial that we make the competitive nature of our industry secondary to the to our primary goal – launching regulated systems that act in a sustainable and harmonious manner.