Urbo Launches Dockless Bike Sharing Scheme in London

November 1, 2017 - 2 minutes read

A message from Urbo’s co-founder Tom McGovern to councils across the globe.

Urbo Co-Founder Shane Connaughton addresses attendees at the Urbo launch in Waltham Forest.

“It was an extremely proud and poignant moment yesterday morning when my colleague and fellow co-founder Shane Connaughton stood up at the podium in the Waltham Forest Assembly Hall to address the crowd at our launch party in Waltham Forest, London.

“For the last 50 years, we as people have looked for ways to reduce congestion and our carbon footprint. There have been a number of brilliant innovations during this period, however, we all missed one thing that’s being lying in front of our eyes throughout this time. This is the beautiful two wheeled bicycle. Dockless bike sharing will change how people move around our cities. People these days value convenience and this is what dockless bike sharing brings.”

These words, from a man who grew up in his father’s bicycle shop and then went on to set up his own cycling brand and distribution company, were said with real passion.

Urbo’s journey started earlier this year. When our team set its vision to launch in one of the world’s best cities that is London, people said we were mad. Going head to head with the mega Asian providers in this space looked like an impossible task. However, Shane, with his deep roots in this industry decided to take this mountain on. As he said “There’s not many times in your life when you can start and grow a business that has the potential to change city landscapes and do it with a product that you have loved since your childhood.” This in many ways explains why Urbo is different. It is a company set up by a man with a love for the bicycle. With Urbo, cycling comes first.”