Urbo is coming to Dublin!

May 30, 2018 - 1 minute read

Urbo is delighted to announce we will be launching our bikes in Dublin. This is our first Irish location and follows successful launches in London and Ipswich in the UK.

Our bikes are stationless but will have a hybrid locking system which integrates a smart lock with a cable. This means all Urbo bikes must be locked to existing bike stands. Urbo is working closely with Dublin City Council to ensure our stationless service blends seamlessly with existing cycling infrastructure in the city.

The fleet will be GPS tracked, fitted with bright dynamo lights front and back, a handy front basket with strap and 3-speed gears. They also have an easily adjustable saddle, so riders of all heights can comfortably ride.

Urbo is going to change the way people in Dublin travel. Like innumerable cities around the world, Dublin is marred by air pollution problems often caused by congestion. By bringing Urbo to Dublin we are offering a clean, practical and affordable mode of transport which fulfills the needs of people’s short distance travel.

For further information on Urbo and the Dublin launch, please contact info@urbosolutions.com

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