Our strategic planning process is knowledge based, collaborative and action and results oriented.



To promote dockless bike sharing, Urbo has developed a draft policy framework, which will ensure the co-ordination and sustainable development of a dockless bike sharing standard. This policy will strengthen the position of cycling at the fulcrum of smart mobility, benefit bicycle users, commerce and the environment. This dockless bike sharing policy seeks to extend the range of cities existing transit systems, whilst increasing the viability of other modes, leading to improvements in the livability, accessibility and competitiveness of cities. The policy approaches the new industry by exploring legislation, national/regional/local aims and goals, suggestions on a uniform approach leading to efficiency, with the aim of reducing risk.


This policy seeks to meet the public’s transport and short-distance travel needs, the rational allocation of urban public resources, the maintenance of the urban environment and to encourage people to travel green. This policy seeks to correctly handle corporate responsibilities and the establishment of a unified market standard.


Dockless bike sharing is based on internet technology. These systems provide the public with a service that enables them an efficient way to travel short distances. These systems play an integral role in reducing traffic congestion in our cities.

Dockless bike sharing service providers assume the main responsibility for the operation and management of the bike-sharing schemes. Government officials, service providers and the general public are to work together to promote the development and management of dockless bike sharing schemes and to jointly maintain a good urban environment and traffic order.


A successful dockless bike sharing scheme involves collaboration between city councils and bike sharing vendors. Our strategic planning process is knowledge-based, collaborative and action and results oriented. Starting on day one of an engagement, we hit the ground running, setting up the critical infrastructure necessary to support a partnership with our clients. We will ask a lot of questions, answer yours and work together to establish a foundation to guide planning and execution. We will share ideas, talk in detail about your objectives and potential challenges, and discuss the approach we can implement to ensure our partnership translates into measurable results.


In August 2017, via a global announcement by The European Cycling Federation, Urbo became the first dockless only bike sharing company in the world to join the Platform for European Bicycle Sharing & Systems (PEBSS). Having a contribution in the formation of PEBSS Policy Framework, Urbo's CEO will be the keynote speaker at seven major PEBSS events in Autumn and Winter 2017. In July 2017 Urbo became the first dockless bike sharing company in the world to be accredited by U.K. association BikePlus.


When partnering with councils, we pride ourselves on offering their city a dockless bike sharing scheme that meets the following criteria:

▪ Customisation depending on each council's requirements 

▪ Courtesy and cooperation 

▪ Efficient response times 

▪ Quality of service 

▪ Quality of product 

▪ Consistency of product 

▪ Security of supply 

▪ Efficient delivery times 

▪ Customised supply solution, pending on each individual council’s requirements 

▪ Flexibility to new and additional requirements 



 What's next?

If you are interested in exploring the potential for a pilot dockless bike sharing scheme in your location, please just let us know. Together we will collaborate and compose a customised business offer and policy framework. You are under no obligation to proceed at any stage. If you would like further information contact us on support@urbosolutions.com or fill the form below