At your destination, simply park your bike safely and legally, and manually lock it to automatically end the trip.
Unlock the bike by scanning a QR code with your phone.
Locate a bike either on the app or by seeing one in person.



Dockless bike sharing works by users opening an app on their smart phone and selecting a bike off a map, or alternatively by walking up to a bike on the street and scanning a QR code. The app then sends the user a four-digit code, which is typed into the specially fitted wheel-lock on the rear of the bike. The user is then free to cycle the bike, with a journey of 30 minutes costing just €0.50/£0.50.


Unlike many bike sharing platforms, there are no docking stations, leaving the user the freedom to start and end their journey at any designated bike parking area near their destination. When the user finishes their journey, they simply click the lock back into place,  and park the bike on its side-stand, with no need to lock it to a railing. The user's online wallet is automatically charged. Using our technology, areas can be 'geo-fenced', meaning bikes can only be used and/or locked in designated areas.


We can offer you a turnkey dockless bike sharing solution. Our service provides your city with the following:


▪ Research & development

▪ Planning & implementation

▪ Production & supply

▪ Operations & maintenance

▪ Sales & marketing


Note: This solution means councils can implement a successful bike sharing scheme in their city without incurring any expense. Councils have the option to pick which of the above services they want. For example, if a council wishes to operate the system themselves, they can do so.